Pertronix Ignition Power Relay

Benefits of using an Ignition Power Relay

  • Easier and Faster Installation
  • Minimises conducted voltage spikes by isolating the ignition power source from other high current equipment
  • Provides consistent full battery voltage... No more voltage fluctuations from over-loaded ignition switches
  • Eliminates problems from worn-out and corroded ignition switches, connectors and wires
  • Universal design... Works with most battery ignition systems
  • Small size... Keep your engine bay looking stock!

Part No. 6212

Pertronix Ignition Power Relay

Most AMC, Chrysler, Ford and pre-1974 (Non HEI) GM vehicles are equipped with OE resistance wires. Pertronix's Ignitor® II and III ignition systems require a full +12V power connection between the ignition switch and the positive coil terminal.

This requires bypassing the ballast resistor or resistance wire. In many cases, the original resistance wire is buried in the vehicle's wiring harness. Adding a Pertronix power relay will eliminate digging through the wiring harness and replacing wires.

This 30 AMP relay kit can also be used with the original Ignitor conversion kits as well.