PERTRONIX IGNITOR® III Electronic Ignition

Which vehicles does the Ignitor® III fit?

The Ignitor® III is a high performance ignition system with special application and operational requirements. It is imperative that applications equipped with resistance wires or ballast resistors be modified according to the installation manual.
In all applications in order to achieve the advertised performance gains and system reliability, the integrity of the electrical system should be checked. Pertronix Australia can order stock of these eight cylinder kits with an approximate lead time of four to six weeks.

What does the Ignitor® III look like when installed?

Here is an example of an Ignitor III installed in a distributor. As you can see, they fit entirely within the distributor, and are invisible once the cap is replaced:

Pertronix Ignitor 3 kit Installed

What are the benefits of the Ignitor® III?

Just like the original Ignitor®'s:

  • With the electronics molded in epoxy, there is still no deterioration in performance from dirt, oil, grease or moisture (better foul weather performance).
  • There are still no moving and rubbing parts to wear out or effect performance, and no points to burn, pit or corrode.
  • Still fits entirely inside the distributor, with no "black box" to clutter your engine compartment.
  • Still no complicated wiring, which makes installation easy.

And then there are the additional benefits of the Ignitor® III...

  • Multiple sparks thru the entire RPM range.
  • Integrated Digital REV Limiter with LED feedback for precise RPM setting.
  • Memory safe function stores settings, eliminating unintended changes to Rev limit.
  • Adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the entire RPM range, reducing misfires while improving engine performance.
  • Peak current level is reached just prior to spark for maximum energy without the heat build-up, increasing coil performance and module reliability.
  • Adjusts spark timing at higher RPMs to compensate for the inherent electronic delay.
  • Senses startup and increases energy for quicker, easier starting.
  • Thermal clad surface mount construction for superior reliability.
  • Built-in reverse polarity and over-current protection shuts down the system, preventing component damage.
  • Not compatible with CD or Multi-Spark boxes.

Also Available

Pertronix Ignitor III Logo

Pertronix Ignitor 2 in packaging Our all new Ignitor® III ignition modules are designed for the serious 8 Cylinder performance enthusiast who demands serious power.
You have seen the performance increases the Ignitor® and Ignitor® II series of electronic ignitions have brought.
Now get ready for more... 5 times more spark energy than points systems.
Ignitor® III modules provide ignition box performance... without the "box" !
For the maximum Ignitor® III benefit, select one of our Flame-Thrower® III or Flame-Thrower® HC Coils as well.

The Pertronix Ignitor® III has its own Integrated Digital REV Limiter with LED feedback for precise RPM setting, all within the module.

Integrated Digital REV Limiter with LED feedbackwithin the module

So what do I get in the Ignitor® III Kit box?

An Ignitor® III kit has a larger module due to the electronics included inside. You still get:

  • A molded epoxy 'module' that is mounted on a base plate designed for a specific distributor. Two wires from the module connect to the coil.
  • A 'magnet ring' is Not Included, or required, as all Ignitor III kits are Lobe Sensing kits.
  • Instructions, Warranty Information, Additional Information and any screws, nuts, washers or terminals required to install your particular unit.

How do Ignitor® III Kits work?

Lobe Sensing Type:

These types of kits do not require a 'magnet assembly'.

The module itself senses the point of each lobe as it passes.

Ignitor 3 Lobe Sensing Kit
Lobe Sensing Kit does not
require a Magnet Assembly

Popular Ignitor® III models

Developed for 1957-74 Delco point type distributors with mechanical advance weights on top.
Our kit retrofits Motorcraft single point vacuum advance distributors.
This kit fits Chrysler aluminum bodied single point distributors with vacuum advance.
Dual point and dual point vacuum advance Motorcraft distributors which were used in high performance Ford, Mercury and Pantera applications.
Holley gold box distributors have never before been known for their performance or reliability ...until now.
Replace your points in your Mallory single or dual point non-vacuum distributor.

Ignitor® III Application Notes

  • For use on 8 cylinder engines only
  • Not for use with CD or multiple spark systems
  • 12 volt negative ground systems
  • Lobe sensor design triggers off the point cam or
    reluctor and does not require a magnet sleeve
  • Requires 12-14 Volts
  • Must use suppression core ignition wires
  • Not intended for marine use.
  • You cannot use solid core (typically copper) spark plug wires with this product. Solid core wires do not suppress electro magnetic interference (EMT) which will interfere with electronics in your vehicle. Suppression style or spiral wound spark plug wires must be used.

Pertronix Ignitor 3 increases Spark Energy Note: We will ALWAYS Recommend that you replace your old coil with a Pertronix Flame-Thrower III or HC Coil when installing a Pertronix Ignitor III Kit. It is the only way to guarantee that you will get the BEST performance from your engine!