Pertronix Ignition Primary Wire Extension Kit

Wire Extension Kit Purpose

This extension kit is for kit and coil installations, where the distributor and coil mount are not directly next to each other.

Engines such as the GQ Patrol have this issue, as the wire that comes with your ignitor module is usually only around 30cm long, which does not reach your coil.

With a full metre of the highest quality wire, as well as connectors included, this kit is everything you need to make sure installing your new Pertronix Ignitor® kit and coil is a breeze.

Part No. 6213

Posi-Lock Ring Terminals Pertronix Ignition Primary Wire Extension Kit

We now have this wire extension kit direct from the US, made from Pertronix 600V silicone jacketed wire. This primary wire extension kit can be used to increase the wire length on all Ignitor electronic conversion kits and distributors.

Each kit includes 1 metre of 20ga ultra flexible wire. This wire features a silicone jacket rated at 300 degrees, perfect for an engine environment.
All the necessary hardware is also included in the kit, for simple installation.

As an added bonus in Australia, we also include two Posi-Lock Ring Terminals which make attaching the wire to your coil terminals so simple. No crimping, no tape required.