Pertronix Flame-Thrower® HV Coil

Pertronix Guide to choosing which Flame-Thrower Coil you require

Image of Flame-Thrower HV Coil

The Flame-Thrower® HV High Performance Coil is designed from aircraft 6063 T5 aluminium, ensuring full performance at any temperature range.

The Flame-Thrower® HV High Performance Coil is available in three levels of primary resistance, to match your driving requirements.
Refer to the chart above for the coil type that will best suit your needs.

Pertronix Flame-Thrower® HV 60,000 volt High Performance Coil

Our HV (High Voltage) E-core design yields an incredible 60,000 volts and operates with no degradation throughout temperature ranges that surpass military specifications. The special heat sink design made from aircraft 6063 T5 aluminium, efficiently transfers heat optimising energy output for street/strip and off road applications.

Flame-Thrower® HV 0.45 ohm coils are also compatible with most capacitive discharge (CD) boxes including our own Second Strike.

The Flame-Thrower® HV Coil has the following features:

  • Maximum Voltage: 60,000 volts
  • Available in three primary resistance values (see chart)
  • Highly efficient E-core design
  • Vacuum potted coil body for longer life and increased reliability
  • Precision machined male high tension terminal and brass primary terminals
  • High Vibration Epoxy Filled Coil
  • Dimensions: L 11.68cm x W 11.81cm x H 8cm
  • Warranty: 90 Days