PERTRONIX IGNITOR® II Electronic Ignition

Which vehicles does the Ignitor® II fit?

There are currently more than 70 units in the Ignitor® II range that suit most popular makes of car, truck, bus and marine engines.
Due to the performance nature of the Ignitor® II, units have only been developed for those distributors that are perceived to be for a performance vehicle.
Here in Australia, Pro Quip hold stock of most popular eight cylinder units, and are able to obtain any available unit required within approximately four to six weeks.

What does the Ignitor® II look like when installed?

Here are some pictures of selected Ignitor II's installed in a distributor. As you can see, they fit entirely within the distributor, and are invisible once the cap is replaced:

Pertronix Ignitor 2 kits Installed

What are the benefits of the Ignitor® II?

Just like the original Ignitor®:

  • With the electronics molded in (red) epoxy, there is still no deterioration in performance from dirt, oil, grease or moisture (better foul weather performance).
  • There are still no moving and rubbing parts to wear out or effect performance, and no points to burn, pit or corrode.
  • Still fits entirely inside the distributor, with no "black box" to clutter your engine compartment.
  • Still no complicated wiring, which makes installation easy.

And then there are the additional benefits of the Ignitor® II...

  • Compared to point-type systems, the Ignitor® II develops on average four times more available energy between 3,000 and 5,000 RPM, and two times more available plug voltage.
  • Compared to the original Ignitor®, the Ignitor® II develops on average three times more available energy between 3,000 and 5,000 RPM, and nearly doubles available plug voltage.
  • Higher RPM performance is improved when used with the Flame-Thrower® II super low resistance (0.6 ohms) 45,000 volt coil, however, it is compatible with any induction coil.
  • Peak current level is reached just prior to spark, so ignition energy is sustained with less heat build-up, increasing coil and module life.
  • The Ignitor® II adjusts spark timing over the entire RPM range to compensate for the inherent electronic delay, resulting in more stable timing.
  • Senses engine startup and increases dwell time, providing more energy for starting sparks.
  • Senses incorrectly wired Ignitor® II or a "key left on" condition and shuts down the system, thereby protecting the coil and other components from damage.
  • Compatible with 12-volt negative ground systems only.
  • Guaranteed for 30 Months...
    We stand behind it!!!

Also Available

Pertronix Ignitor II Logo

With over THREE MILLION units of the original Ignitor® sold world-wide over the past 30+ years, Pertronix felt the need to try and better this most successful product. The result of exhausting research and development was the Ignitor® II; "The Ignitor® with brains!!!"

Pertronix Ignitor 2 in packaging The Pertronix Ignitor® II takes the Ignitor® technology a step further by adding a powerful new micro-controller that controls the dwell period, for the best possible spark over the entire RPM range. The Ignitor® II offers enhanced performance levels only found in more expensive "box type" ignition systems. As with the original Ignitor®, the Ignitor® II is a solid-state electronic ignition system that replaces your points and condenser, fitting completely within the distributor housing, under the cap. There is still no "external black box" to clutter your engine compartment.

So what do I get in the Ignitor® II Kit box?

An Ignitor® II kit is the same as the original, but with a RED module. You still get:

  • A molded epoxy 'module' that is either mounted, or can be mounted on a base plate designed for a specific distributor. Two wires from the module connect to the coil.
  • A 'magnet ring' or 'magnet assembly' which mounts on the shaft of your distributor. (Note: Only for Hall Effect Type kits. Not included in Lobe Sensing kits, as not necessary).
  • Instructions, Warranty Information, Additional Information and any screws, nuts, washers or terminals required to install your particular unit.

How do Ignitor® II Kits work?

The same way as the original Ignitor®, but the Ignitor® II senses current levels at the coil and adjusts the dwell to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range. Dwell angle is increased or decreased with changing engine RPM and operating conditions. This provides more energy at high RPM, reducing misfires while improving engine performance.

Hall Effect Type:

The 'magnet assembly' included in your kit will be mounted on the shaft over the lobes, and is designed to fit your original distributor exactly. The assembly contains cobalt magnets which rotate with the shaft, triggering the electronic switching module (Hall Effect integrated circuit) as each magnet passes.

Ignitor 2 Magnet Assembly Hall Effect Kit
Hall Effect Kit
requires a 'Magnet Ring'

Lobe Sensing Type:

These types of kits do not require a 'magnet assembly'. The module itself senses the point of each lobe as it passes. These are usually the best option for distributors which may have obstructions preventing a magnet assembly from fitting properly, to prevent the need for machining the shaft.

Ignitor 2 Lobe Sensing Kit
Lobe Sensing Kit does not
require a Magnet Assembly

So how well does the Ignitor® II work?

On the Ignitor® page, we talked about a dyno test performed on a mild 350 Chev with moderate engine modifications and a Mallory Twin-Point Distributor that recorded a benchmark dyno run of 195hp at the wheels (ATW). After installing the Ignitor® and a Flame-Thrower® Coil, the vehicle recorded 205hp ATW!!!! That was a 10hp or 5% gain just by bolting in the Ignitor® and a compatible Flame-Thrower® coil!!!

Pertronix Ignitor 2 increases Spark Energy Note: We will ALWAYS Recommend that you replace your old coil with a Pertronix Flame-Thrower II Coil when installing a Pertronix Ignitor II Kit. It is the only way to guarantee that you will get the BEST performance from your engine!

Next an Ignitor® II unit was installed. Unfortunately, a Flame-Thrower® II Coil was not available for the test, so a typical transistor type coil was used instead. Even without the Flame-Thrower® II coil, the vehicle recorded 211hp ATW with the Ignitor® II installed, with marked improvements in both power and torque. That's 16hp or an 8% gain over the original twin point set-up!!!

These results could not be improved even after adding an MSD 6AL ignition box and Blaster 2 coil to the circuit. Needless to say, we were impressed.