PERTRONIX IGNITOR® 1 Electronic Ignition

Which vehicles does the Ignitor® fit?

There are currently almost 1000 applications in the Ignitor® range that suit most popular makes of car, truck, bus, agricultural and industrial engines as well as marine engines. Basically, if the distributor in your vehicle is a popular make and model that is widely used, there is an excellent chance that we have an Ignitor® to suit.

What does the Ignitor® 1 look like when installed?

Here are some pictures of selected Ignitors installed in a distributor. As you can see, they fit entirely within the distributor, and are invisible once the cap is replaced:

Pertronix Ignitor 1 kits Installed

What are the benefits of the Ignitor®?

Well, where do we start...?

  • Test results show the Ignitor® delivers twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy and plug life.
  • The Ignitor® offers a 2:1 improvement over "point type" systems in current fall time for increased coil output.
  • With the electronics molded in epoxy, there is no deterioration in performance from dirt, oil, grease or moisture (better foul weather performance).
  • There are no moving and rubbing parts to wear out or effect performance, and no more points to burn, pit or corrode.
  • Fits entirely inside the distributor, with no "black box" to clutter your engine compartment.
  • Stable timing - no need for any adjustments or "minor tune-ups".
  • No complicated wiring makes installation easy.
  • Compatible with 12-volt negative ground systems (some applications available for 6-volt negative ground and 6 and 12-volt positive ground systems.
  • Works great in stock point-type distributors as a trigger for multi-spark CD ignitions, eliminating the need for expensive aftermarket distributors.
  • Guaranteed for 30 Months...
    We stand behind it!!!

Also Available

Pertronix Ignitor I Logo

With over THREE MILLION units sold world-wide over the past 30+ years, you know that when you purchase a Pertronix Ignitor®, you are spending your money on a reliable product THAT WORKS!!

Pertronix Ignitor installed image The Pertronix Ignitor® is a solid-state electronic ignition system that replaces your points and condenser, fitting completely within the distributor housing, under the cap.

With no 'external black box' to clutter your engine compartment or compromise your 'stock-look' classic, the Ignitor® allows you to "Hide some horses under your cap!".

So what do I get in the Ignitor® Kit box?

  • A molded epoxy 'module' that is either mounted, or can be mounted on a base plate designed for a specific distributor. Two wires from the module connect to the coil.
  • A 'magnet ring' or 'magnet assembly' which mounts on the shaft of your distributor. (Note: Only for Hall Effect Type kits. Not included in Lobe Sensing kits, as not necessary).
  • Instructions, Warranty Information, Additional Information and any screws, nuts, washers or terminals required to install your particular unit.

How do Ignitor® 1 Kits work?

Hall Effect Type:

The 'magnet assembly' included in your kit will be mounted on the shaft over the lobes, and is designed to fit your original distributor exactly. The assembly contains cobalt magnets which rotate with the shaft, triggering the electronic switching module (Hall Effect integrated circuit) as each magnet passes.

Ignitor 1 Magnet Assembly Hall Effect Kit
Hall Effect Kit
requires a 'Magnet Ring'

Lobe Sensing Type:

These types of kits do not require a 'magnet assembly'. The module itself senses the point of each lobe as it passes. These are usually the best option for distributors which may have obstructions preventing a magnet assembly from fitting properly, to prevent the need for machining the shaft.

Ignitor 1 Lobe Sensing Kit
Lobe Sensing Kit does not
require a Magnet Assembly

So how well does the Ignitor® work?

The performance of an Ignitor® is dependent on all of the components in your Ignition system. For better performance, you must ensure that these components are in good condition, including the distributor cap, rotor button, spark plug leads, spark plugs, ground connections, injectors etc. Most issues with installation come from old or degraded wiring. That said, we are very pleased with the feedback received from our customers over the years.

Pertronix Ignitor increases Spark Energy Note: We will ALWAYS Recommend that you replace your old coil with a Pertronix Flame-Thrower Coil when installing a Pertronix Ignitor Kit. It is the only way to guarantee that you will get the BEST performance from your engine!

Some customers report horsepower and/or fuel economy increases beyond their expectations. Others report no real increases, but claim that the fast starts first time, every time, the reliability and the benefits of never having to change points again or perform minor tune-ups is well worth it.

In an unsolicited test, a mild 350 Chev with moderate engine modifications and a Mallory Twin-Point Distributor recorded a benchmark dyno run of 195hp at the wheels (ATW). After installing the Ignitor® and a Flame-Thrower® Coil, making no other adjustments and every attempt to duplicate the test conditions, the vehicle recorded 205hp ATW!!!! That's a 10hp or 5% gain just by bolting in the Ignitor® and a compatible Flame-Thrower® coil!!!

With results like these, 30+ years manufacturing and development experience, over 3,500,000 units sold and a 30 Month Warranty, you need to get one of these now!

What have the experts said about the Ignitor®?

Over the years, many magazines have tested the Pertronix Ignitor® and given their own opinion of the product. With so many positive responses, Pertronix coined the phrase:
"With friends like these, who needs advertising hype?"

See below for some of the comments made about the Ignitor®:

..."worked flawlessly." "...So if you want the convenience of an electronic ignition system while retaining your stock distributor, this is the system for you."

"It may look and sound as if it's too good to be true. It's half the price of a MSD or exotic system."

"The extra voltage means cleaner, more efficient burning for faster starts, better mileage and improved performance."

"It's much easier to install the Ignitor than a set of points and condenser"

"...Ignitor should give you years of trouble free service, as well as add some easy horsepower to your Classic muscle by upping the voltage from 25,000 to roughly 35,000 volts."

"...adding 1000 RPM to our engine. We recommend this ignition highly."

"...the Ignitor is a simple and cost effective way to improve performance while increasing economy and dependability."

"Increased fuel economy, improved starting, and better engine performance are great advantages, but for us the real news is no more points to adjust."