Pertronix Second Strike Ignition System

Pertronix Digital Rev Limiter

Second Strike’s unique crank angle offset (CAO) feature gives you tunability that no other box has. Simply turn the dial and change the time, in crank angle degrees, that the second spark occurs. A wide range of adjustment (2° to 18°) gives you the flexibility to find the CAO that works best for your engine’s performance and your driving type.
The unit is compatible with 12 volt negative ground ignition systems only.


  • Easy installation with a simple five wire hookup and detailed instructions.
  • No special distributor or coil are required.
  • Only system to provide a second spark throughout the RPM range.
  • Powerful CD second spark resulting in more complete combustion.
  • Increased burn time makes more horsepower and torque at high RPMs.
  • Unique (CAO) feature adjusts the timing of the second spark.
  • Built-in digital rev limiter with high resolution. Digital rotary switches permit easy adjustment.
  • Adaptive voltage feature prevents overdriving the ignition coil.
  • Voltage protection prevents damage from reversed polarity.
  • Tachometer output with TTL interface and near 50% duty cycle make our limiters compatible with most modern tachometers.
  • Compact size: 15.3cm x 10.2cm x 7.6cm
  • Light weight: 1 kg
  • Limited One Year Warranty.

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Another addition to the Pertronix Performance Products range is the Pertronix Second Strike Ignition Box. The Second Strike is the ONLY ignition system to provide a powerful second spark throughout the ENTIRE RPM RANGE, unlike other multiple spark discharge systems, which typically drop off to one spark at about 3,000 RPM.

Pertronix Second Strike Ignition System The strength of your original equipment or aftermarket inductive ignition system is long burn time. The strength of aftermarket capacitive discharge (CD) systems is lots of energy. With the Second Strike ignition box installed, you are combining the best of both systems.

Following the primary spark, the Second Strike delivers a powerful capacitive discharge second spark resulting in a more complete combustion. At very high RPM’s the increased burn time can reduce misfires resulting in more peak horsepower and torque.

Add a powerful second CD spark for far better combustion and improved performance Your original inductive system remains in place providing the primary spark while the Second Strike adds a powerful second CD spark, giving you two sparks all the way to redline!! It all adds up to far better combustion for improved performance.

Timing of the second spark generated by the Second Strike is adjustable with an external rotary dial, and you can choose when it will occur. You can select from 2 to 18 degrees (in 2 degree increments) following the primary spark.

What's more, you can dial in the setting
while the engine is running, giving you
real time results from your chosen setting!!!

A built-in digital rev limiter protects your engine from possible over-rev conditions, and can also be easily adjusted with the external dials.

The Second Strike Ignition Box is compatible with 12 volt negative ground ignition systems only, and can be used with standard breaker points, GM HEI (4-pin) ignitions, the Pertronix Ignitor® and Ignitor® II points replacement ignition systems, and many aftermarket inductive distributors.

Just imagine the combustion, power and performance your vehicle will be capable of with an ignition system that combines the Ignitor® or Ignitor® II, the Flame-Thrower® or Flame-Thrower® II coil, and the Second Strike Ignition Box!